Morpheus Minutes Series Intro


Welcome to the Morpheus Minute Web Series. This video series highlights single features of the Morpheus platform in short 1 to 2 minute demos. From infrastructure to provisioning and administration, we’re highlighting solutions to IT and DevOps problems. First, a quick intro to the Platform. Morpheus is a CAMP which means Cloud Application Management Platform. Morpheus is the only CAMP which can truly obfuscate any infrastructure and provide web-scale access to application provisioning on your terms. In addition to that, Morpheus simplifies management and automation tasks by handling monitoring, logging, and data protection. Choose the location; public, private, or hybrid cloud which best suits your application workload. Non-disruptively migrate workloads between clouds and even bare metal. Morpheus. Any App, Any Database on Any Cloud and Any Infrastructure. Stay tuned for the rest of the Morpheus Minute webseries. Thanks for watching this Morpheus Minute.

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