How to Migrate Workloads from AWS to Softlayer with Morpheus


Welcome to the Morpheus Minute. Morpheus has the ability to deploy virtual machines and containers in any cloud infrastructure. It also provides the ability to move and migrate workloads across clouds. Today we’re going to move a two-tiered application containing Tomcat and MySQL from AWS to Softlayer. First, let’s take a look at my existing application. Right now, this application is running in AWS. To migrate it to SoftLayer, we’re going to add some additional nodes for tomcat in softlayer, then delete that node from AWS. I have already preconfigured MySQL to be in a master/master configuration. When we’re ready to migrate fully to softlayer, we’ll remove the master from AWS. Note that If you have a load balancer set up in front of this environment, this can be done non-disruptively. To make the move, open the app to be moved. Select the tomcat instance. Then simply click Actions, Add Tomcat Node. Select the SoftLayer cloud and click Execute. At this point, Morpheus deploys a new tomcat instance in Softlayer from a backup of the existing tomcat node and brings it online. It can take a minute or two to complete this process. Now we can see we have an application running cross-cloud. All we need to do at this point is open up our Tomcat application again, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Actions next to the tomcat container in AWS. Then click remove node. Now we’ll remove the AWS MySQL infrastructure and be totally running in SoftLayer. Go back to the App, select the MySQL instance. Click actions, then click Add MySQL Slave. Wait for that to provision, then scroll down to the bottom Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click Actions -> Remove Expired MySql Master Node. Now we’re running fully in SoftLayer!thanks for watching this Morpheus minute

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