Connecting Morpheus to AWS is Easy


Welcome to the Morpheus Minute. Today we’re going to connect to an Amazon cloud. Morpheus can provision servers and instances on most public and private cloud environments. This Morpheus minute focuses on AWS. Before we get started, you’ll need a little bit of information about your AWS account: First, pick the region where you’ll provision AWS resources Then you’ll need an access and secret key from AWS’s IAM console. Finally, you’ll need to know the VPC to provision in. Once you’ve got that, it’s time to add the cloud. To add a new AWS cloud, click Infrastructure in the main navigation bar. Then click Clouds. Click the ‘Create Cloud’ drop-down menu and select Amazon Web Services. Fill out the Name, location, optional DNS domain. Select the visibility – Public or Private. Public visibility makes clouds visible in sub-accounts on a multi-tenant environment. Enter a number in the scale priority. Remember, a lower number equals higher priority Under Details, select the region for provisioning. Then enter the access and secret keys chosen earlier. Choose whether to use EC2 classic or VPC provisioning. Here at Morpheus, we use VPC. Pick the VPC from the drop-down list. If you want to import your existing AWS environment, check the box next to ‘Import Existing Instances. Click Save Changes. You should now see a new AWS type cloud in the list. This cloud is now available for use. You can add servers to the cloud, or add the cloud to a group. Thanks for watching this Morpheus Minute.

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