Add and Configure a Role


Welcome to the Morpheus minute. Morpheus is role-based access control makes it easy to provide the access and security your team needs do their jobs Morpheus integrates with many popular LDAP based directories like Active Directory and dysmorphia Smith we created a new role in walkers and configurations to add a new role click admin roles then create role hidden name description and choose whether to copy from a role in this case will copy from account admin will graduate from storage access remember here if you leave this is the roads unlimited let's give a hundred gigs of storage and 10 gigs around then click Save Changes now you click on the name of the Royal just created to configure it more with such a permissions here I've got beecher access I can walk through individual Morpheus features and choose what kind of access I want this user to have perhaps you won't read only access on laws now to group access here working globally said group access I can give full access to all the groups give read only access when I can do custom access to gradually configure each one finally instance type access is very similar to the group access method and the global access I can do nun customer for you full access to give everybody access to every type of Institute revision that's it thanks for watching this Morpheus minute

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