Add an Alert Rule


Welcome to the Morpheus Minute. Today we’re going to configure an Alert in Morpheus Monitoring. The Morpheus Platform is engineered to provide a full suite of tools to manage everything from infrastructure to applications. Along with that comes Monitoring and alerting. The alerting function has the ability to email, SMS text, or Slack users. To configure an alert rule, click “Monitoring” in the main Nav, Alert Rules, then Add Rule. Enter a name for the Alert, then choose the trigger level. Here we’re going to choose critical. Enter a minimum duration in minutes, in this case, let’s use 10. Then you can add a filter. We’re going to select the google check we created in another Morpheus minute. If you wan to add additional alerts for apps or groups, select those here. Let’s add Spud_APP as well. Now choose a recipient by clicking Add Recipient. Start typing the name of the user in the box, then select it. Users must be a contact within Morpheus to appear here. Now select a method of notification. Here, we’ll choose email. Then select notification options on the right. If the severity level changes, a notification will be sent out. If the alert is closed out (or goes back to a normal status,) an alert will be sent out. Then click save. That’s it! Thanks for watching this Morpheus Minute.

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