Add a VMware Cloud


Welcome to the Morpheus Minute. Today we’re going to connect to a VMware Private cloud. Morpheus can provision servers and instances on most public and private cloud environments. This Morpheus minute focuses on VMware. Before we get started, you’ll need a little bit of information about the VMware environment being added. First, you’ll need the API URL. That is typically https://the name or IP of the vCenter server slash sdk Then you’ll need a username and password with permission to deploy VMs Once you’ve got that, it’s time to add the cloud. To add a new Vmware cloud, click Infrastructure in the main navigation bar. Then click Clouds. Click the ‘Create Cloud’ drop-down menu and select Vmware. Fill out the Name, location, optional DNS domain. Select the visibility – Public or Private. Public visibility makes clouds visible in sub-accounts on a multi-tenant environment. Enter a number in the scale priority. Remember, a lower number equals higher priority Under Details, enter the API URL collected from the VMware environment. Then enter the username and password chosen earlier. At this point, you can choose a VDC and Resource pool for provisioning. Click Save Changes. You should now see a new VMware type cloud in the list. This cloud is now available for use. You can add servers to the cloud, or add the cloud to a group. Thanks for watching this Morpheus Minute.

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