Add a Load Balancer


Welcome to the Morpheus Minute Today we’re going to Add an Internal Load balancer onto a tomcat cluster Morpheus provides the ability to easily scale application instances and automatically updates the load balancer configuration as needed. Many different third-party load balancers like F5 or A10 are supported. In this case, we’ll use an internal HAProxy-based load balancer. To add a load balancer: Click Provisioning, Instances, then click the name of the Instance to be configured Click the scale tab. then click edit next to load balancer section. Enter a hostname for this load balancer and enter a port. Choose Use existing or create internal. In this case we’re going to use an internal HAProxy-based load balancer. If you need SSL, select that, then choose your cert. Then click save. Now Morpheus automatically configures the LoadBalancer and sets up checks to monitor the backend tomcat instances. If one instance fails, the loadbalancer will adjust accordingly. That’s it! Thanks for watching this Morpheus Minute.

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