Getting Started with Morpheus Custom Reports

Reporting is a key strength of the Morpheus platform. Out of the box, Morpheus comes with 29 built-in reports designed to aggregate data on cost breakdowns, resource usage, tenant metrics, and more. Within minutes after installation, Morpheus can onboard infrastructure from integrated clouds opening up the full range of included reporting capabilities. Despite the coverage provided by the included report types, some customers may desire to expand this capability and develop reports which meet very unique needs of the organization. To understand the limitless expansion potential of Morpheus, let’s take a look at the Morpheus Plugin Architecture and how custom reporting fits into the picture.

Morpheus Plugin Architecture

The Morpheus plugin architecture is a powerful facet of the Morpheus platform, allowing for open-ended expansion of Morpheus capability by adding new Task types, UI views, Cloud providers, custom reports, and much more! Once added to Morpheus, these custom plugins are consumable just as you would use other tools that are included by default. For example, new Task types become selectable alongside built-in Tasks types and new cloud providers are integrated just as you’d integrate a VMware vCenter Cloud or Amazon AWS Cloud today. For more on plugin development generally, Morpheus has published a developer portal which discusses all currently-available plugin types and provides some resources for getting started with them.

Custom Report Development

Today we’re focused on custom report development. Custom reports essentially open the entire Morpheus appliance database to the user to pull in, slice, and present the data in any way you can imagine. We’ve recently developed a whitepaper which is designed to help administrators get started creating new report types to meet internal or customer needs. Download the paper today and take a look at our example development walkthrough. The paper covers:

  • How to query the Morpheus database structure
  • Fundamentals of the Morpheus plug-in framework
  • Code examples for the custom report provider class
  • Loading the plug-in within the Morpheus UI

If you create a great new report or have additional questions, we’d love to hear from you on the Morpheus Subreddit.

If you’re not yet a Morpheus customer, you might want to get a full demo from one of our experts and then get started for free with the Morpheus Community Edition. The Community Edition offers a time-unlimited trial of the Morpheus platform with very few limitations. Register today at Morpheus Hub and give Morpheus a shot in your home lab or your test environment.