GCP Custom Machine Type Support

Provisioning virtual machines or instances in the public cloud usually involves selecting a pre-defined instance flavor, type, or size. An instance flavor, type or size is a pre-defined hardware configuration that includes a certain amount of CPUs and Memory defined by the cloud provider. GCP is one of the few clouds that offers customers the ability to create custom virtual machine hardware configurations to meet their specific workload needs. The 5.5.3 release of the Morpheus platform has added support for provisioning and discovering GCP custom machine type virtual machines.

In this blog post you’ll learn about Morpheus’ support for provisioning and discovering GCP virtual machines with custom machine types.

GCP Custom Machine Types

As previously mentioned, custom virtual hardware configuration is possible using GCP custom machine type feature (https://cloud.google.com/custom-machine-types). This allows for interesting hardware configurations that wouldn’t normally be available with standard machine types.

GCP custom machine type provisioning

Morpheus Provisioned Custom Machine Type

Provisioning an instance with a custom machine type requires selecting one of the “custom” plan types. The example in the screenshot below uses the n2-custom plan and allows for the Core Count and Memory to be set to custom values.

Provisioning GCP custom machine type in Morpheus

Morpheus Discovered Custom Machine Type

The Morpheus platform supports discovering existing virtual machines or cloud instances through the configured cloud integration. Morpheus now supports discovering existing GCP VM instances that use custom machine types. Morpheus discovers the CPU, Memory, and storage configuration along with associating it with the appropriate Morpheus plan.

GCP custom machine type discovery in Morpheus

This new feature enables Morpheus to integrate with a differentiating capability of the GCP cloud platform that provides customers with increased flexibility as well as potential cost savings.

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