Announcing the Morpheus Community Forum

We are pleased to announce the Morpheus community forum. The forum will serve as a place for the Morpheus user community to ask questions, share content, and suggest ideas on ways to improve the platform. The forum is accessible at and can be viewed by anyone. Sign up for an account in order to post any topics or answer any questions.

Forum Features

The forum includes several features:

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The forum supports single sign-on using many of the common identity providers in addition to creating a dedicated forum account using an email address.

  • Google: Authenticate to the community forum using an existing Google account.
  • GitHub: Authenticate to the community forum using an existing GitHub account.
  • Apple: Authenticate to the community forum using an existing Apple account.
  • Support Portal SSO: Users with an existing Morpheus support portal account are able to utilize their existing support account to log into the forum.
morpheus community forum single sign-on


Community members earn badges for completing certain activities in the forum such as inviting new users or sharing content.

community member badges

Dark Mode

A dark mode theme is also available in the forums. This is useful for those users that prefer a dark mode styling.

morpheus community forum dark mode

Community Feedback

The forum also serves as an excellent way to provide ideas on ways the Morpheus platform could be enhanced or extended. Community members have an opportunity to upvote ideas to provide greater visibility.

ideas topics

plugin type ideas topic

Join the Morpheus Community Forum

Now that you know about the community forum and some of the features, go join the forum and engage the Morpheus community.

Try Morpheus Community Edition or Get a Demo
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